New NIkon BLACK FX1000- FFP,30mm,Zero-stop


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Aug 20, 2010
N. Texas
A lot of guys have asked me about this new scope from Nikon and I think this may give you a lot of the answers you want. One thing, Nikon's max internal adjustment's are conservative and we have found that they are actually about 15-20% higher. Any other question's or suggestion's, let me know.
One I have already received a few times is for a capped windage adjustment. Thank you..

Hmmmm, interesting. I like the weight! Wonder what the glass quality would compare to?
The glass is excellent, clear and bright throughout. Here's a review of the glass on the BLACK X1000, the BLACK FX1000 uses the same glass just in a first focal plane.

July 14, 2017 by Rex Nanorum
It comes as no surprise to me that a company famous for their cameras, binoculars and digiscopes should produce such nice glass. I’ve compared the X1000 to every other optic I have in-house (Leupold, SWFA, Burris) and the glass does not come up wanting. Clarity, color and light transmission are all unrivaled within what I can bring to bear. Shooting on a cloudy day didn’t diminish the brilliance with which the colors came through. Fully multicoated, lead and arsenic free, and anti-reflective glass leaves the Nikon scope in a good position to help you make the shot. Eye relief was generous enough, even when shooting an uncharacteristically hard-kicking Ar-10.
I saw that about a week ago... I was interested for the price range. It appears to be Nikon's version of the Vortex HS-T 6-24x50. If that's the case, when I get some more work, I'd like to order one to test out. I've always liked Nikon as well. I used to have one of those $1,000+ Nikon Tactical 2.5-10x44 Mil Dot scopes back in the mid-2000's, but it got stolen in 2008 (was on my custom .308) when they stole my guns. Bart, since your NPS, if Nikon wants to send me one to test, I'll give it a good honest review. Prefer SFP & MRAD over MOA, but I can use either. :D Got a brand new set of Seekins rings sitting here in the package just waiting for something new to come along. I'd love to do a side-by-side direct comparison with the HS-T 6-24x50 MRAD.
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They are in the US and Canada right now and ready for delivery. I'm sure a number of guy's have them alredy and would be happy to relate their experiences ? So far I have read nothing but great replies from those who have one already.
Just got it the other day super busy at work I will start with doing a tall test and or a box. Will probably be a little while before I get some actual rifle time with it. My first impressions are overall it’s a decent scope but the turrets are complete ****. They are so bad I can already tell you I would not replace my sightron SIIIs with one of these scopes. I know others are already singing the praise of the Nikon blacks but I don’t feel the same. I will ring out the rest of the scope
rf., Nikon's BLACK FX1000? You are a first to not like the turret's, in fact most rave about the positive click's and zero stop.
They are the worst exposed turrets I’ve ever touched. Nothing positive about them. They are only slightly worse than the Athlon ares BTR. Not even close to the same league as the SHV or PSTs(either gen).
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