1. lrpmarc

    WTS various .277 bullets

    Cleaning out the reloading locker. For sale (see pics): 80-each Hornady 270 cal. 130gr Spire Point (flat base) - ON HOLD SOLD 79-each Hornady 270 cal. 140gr B.T.S.P. 100-each Sierra 270 cal. 130gr Spitzer (flat base) - ON HOLD SOLD 100-each Speer 270 cal. 130gr Hot-Cor Spitzer (flat base) - ON...
  2. bkshafer

    .270 150 Grain Nosler Ballistic Tip Bullets ( Factory Seconds )

    I have 3 new unopened 50 count bags of Nosler Ballistic Tip Seconds. Asking $45.00 O.B.O. Shipped anywhere in the USA. Would trade for .264, .284, or .30 caliber bullets of equal value. I can take PayPal ( Friend and Family), USPS or other money orders. DESCRIPTION: Nosler 270 Caliber 150...
  3. Floundertrap

    WTB .277 cal Matrix 165 and 175gn Hunting Bullets

    I'm looking to buy 165gn and 175gn matrix hunting bullets in .277 (.270). Partial boxes welcome. I'll be running a 270wsm on an AB2 long action with a 28" brux 8-twist bbl. I'm open to other overbore bullets you may have as well. I have the 170 Berger EOL hunters already.
  4. MajorSpittle

    Best .270 bullet that stabilizes w/ 10" twist

    So I have a Remington 270 win ADL with a 24" barrel that should be 1-10 twist. I am going to see what it will do for long range and want to start loading up some rounds but need to figure out what bullets to try. I will be shooting all the way down to 200ft above sea level. Powder on hand is...
  5. 65WSM

    SOLD/EXPIRED 270 Winchester Cases Brass $17

    45 new unfired, Winchester manufactured .270 cases. It turns out that fireforming .270 cases to make .270 Winchester Ackley Improved, is best done with .280 Remington cases. Otherwise the cases turnout short in length. $17 delivered. I will take PayPal or wait for a check.
  6. BigBuck74

    Browning Abolt .270 win Medallion

    Up for sale is a really nice Browning Abolt Medallion grade rifle with Leupold bases rings 30mm. Excellent condition some minor handling marks, excellent bluing. Priced to sell @ $575.00 CONUS.