bullet stability

  1. MajorSpittle

    Best .270 bullet that stabilizes w/ 10" twist

    So I have a Remington 270 win ADL with a 24" barrel that should be 1-10 twist. I am going to see what it will do for long range and want to start loading up some rounds but need to figure out what bullets to try. I will be shooting all the way down to 200ft above sea level. Powder on hand is...
  2. Daegon

    Bergers in a 243 win

    So here goes, I got a 243 win from my grandfather thats an old FNH with a 1:10" twist. I'd like to go as heavy as I can and shoot stable. I will be shooting between 3500-4500' above sea level so I know that comes into play a bit. I've heard mixed feelings on the 105 hybrids and VLDs in a...
  3. SapperRIP

    Is too stable a problem?

  4. F

    300 WBY 1 in 11 twist heavy bullet suggestions

    so, I own a 300 wby blaser R8 with a 26 inch barrel which unfortunately has a 1 in 11” twist. I would like to strech the legs of this rifle out but I am not sure how heavy bullets I can use which would still be stabilized with this medium twist barrel. I am (unfortunately) in Minnesota at about...