twist rate

  1. jeremy_f24

    First custom rifle build (flood me with your suggestions or advice)

    First off I am an avid hunter, absolutely new and green to the reloading process and long range shooting. I have a cousin that is a genius at this and have talked much with him on suggestions / feedback which has led me to start shying away from standard rifles and delve into custom. my...
  2. Mc Fraser

    My 300 PRC built

    Hello, I’m building a 300PRC and until all the components arrive I have a quick question for the group. All things being equal and assuming 1000yds target, what is the downside of having an 8 vs slower twist rate in a 26in barrel? TIA
  3. MajorSpittle

    Best .270 bullet that stabilizes w/ 10" twist

    So I have a Remington 270 win ADL with a 24" barrel that should be 1-10 twist. I am going to see what it will do for long range and want to start loading up some rounds but need to figure out what bullets to try. I will be shooting all the way down to 200ft above sea level. Powder on hand is...