Ballisticard sleeve for scope


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Feb 26, 2003
Pueblo, CO
How do you guys attach the ballistic info. to your gun/scope for quick reference? I'm thinking small pieces of thin cardboard with required info. slid into a plastic sleeve glued to the scope body/ocular housing??
I write or type my data onto a sticky label and place it inside the rear Butler Creek scope cap. I also now have Eagle Stock packs on all my rifles and keep a/several laminated set(s) of data in there too.

Look closely at the rear scope cover.


You must have excellent close-up vision. I need reading glasses for something like that. Plus, much of my hunting is done at "oh-dark-thirty" when the mature bucks are just barely (and legally) visible. so here is how I handle my drop table needs in the field. This is on one of my "antique" wooden-stocked rifles from years ago.

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I don't read the data off the sticky...the person with me reads it to me...
I'm wearing trifocals now and thinking about getting reading glasses too. I can read your data sheet no problem... but with it being that big so can the folks on the International Space Station
<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, Helvetica, sans-serif">quote:</font><HR> International Space Station

Geez, I didn't realize that! Now I'll have to encrypt it.
I just carry drop and windage cards with me in my pocket. I use kentucky windage and elevation since I don't have an easily adjustable scope like ya'll. My cards are on regular index cards and I carry wichever one I need for the load. I have a whole safe full of guns but only use the m-14 sniper for hunting so at least most of the time I know where the bullet is gonna go. I got the card though just in case. On the top of each load card I write the scope cliks for it zero with this particular load. on the rest of it is comeups in inches for ranges to 1000 yards and windage chart for up to 50 mph. I got some windage wheels too that are very helpful but don't usualy carry them in the field. I only use them when shooting real small targets like prairie dogs usualy from right next to the truck.
BTW: that's a nice rifle you have there.
I type up my data in any word program (like MS WORD). I do this so that I can easily make the chart larger or smaller in small increments. It also allows you to use colored text or colored highlights so that you can quickly identify certain contents, like your zero.
Once it is complete, I make one that is about the size of a credit card and have it laminated. Every business has these laminators for ID cards. I normally tape one to my stock and put a spare in the ammo box. Finally, I make one large copy which I keep at my loading bench so that it is easy to compare various bullet trajectories, wind drift , and the like.
This also make it easy to save the data on your computer for future reference or changes.

Its either that or take a scrap of paper and write on it with a pencil. Whichever is easier.

Check out the Avery label program, you can buy a wide variety of labels and the program is extremely easy to use - and cheap.
I use the 2"x4" label, have it pre-formatted with drop info columns and simply insert the drops and/or come-ups into the saved template. I also make a smaller sized label to put onto the front bell of my scope, put the big one on the left side of my rifle. Then I cut a piece of transparent shipping tape to fit over the label after it is on the rifle or scope, round the corners with a scissors, and put it over the label so it becomes waterproof. I have also simply put a bunch of strips of Scotch tape over each label to waterproof it but the big wide one-piece shipping tape is better.
I also carry the same drop label on a card in the Eagle stock pack. We cut large milk containers to get tough, flat pieces of plastic and stick the drop chart label on them, shape them to the Eagle stock pack pocket.
Also carry a card in my shirt pocket - that gives me three of the **** things so I should be able to get numbers fairly quick.
I could take pictures of all this if you guys wish, but do not have a clue how to post them.
Several posts referred to Eagle packs. Does anyone have a web page for that product? Thanks
For us old farts who wear glasses, probably we should have the come-up's lazer etched in the upper portion of our non-scope weak eye glass lense......that way, we could just eye-ball the data then use our one good eye we have left for the scope.
Don't ask me what to do if the dope changes though.

clicks are written on the left.

I also put one insied the BC caps like Dave (0-500) on the rear cap and 525-1000 on the front of the front cap in bigger type--i can see both from shooting position.

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