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  • hi straightshooter
    i have a remington 700 police
    with heavy barrel
    300 win mag
    the barrel was cut to 62.5 cm
    i am in europe and i use european measure
    i try to reload myself for better results for my rifle with 165 grn and 180 grn hornady sst bullets
    can you tell me the best oal for this cartrige
    i also use cci 250 primers and vhitavuori n160 powder
    Hey there Wildman! Dropping by to see how your hunt for a lathe is going and to say thanks again for the load data. The rifle is settling in, think I'm going to float the barrel and see where we stand.
    Hi my name is John and I was reading some of your posts about reloading. I was wonder if you can teach me everything from start to finish. Im tired of paying a fortune to shoot every weekend. Plus im moving up in calibers so its only going to get more expensive.
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