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  • I am using H4831sc for my best accuracy load, velocity 2862(verified through trajectory validation). I saw 3000fps+ using Retumbo, but groups were not as tight, so I figured why burn it up just for sheer speed. My goal was to deliver 1000lbs energy to 800 yards at my home altitude (1000ft above sea level). That same energy will go past 900 yards in the Rockies, which should do anything I would need out there. My COAL is longer than SAAMI spec to fit my throat, so my charge weights are somewhat past the max listed in the manuals, but or course you will do your own tests for pressure safety and so on....
    Hello 7magcreedmoor

    i was reading one of your posts and saw you have the savage 111 in 6.5x284 I just purchased mine and I am going to put my vortex pst 4-16x50 ffp I was wondering if you would be kind enough to tell me what powder you were having success with to get the 2800 fps you were getting.


    p.s. I sell vortex and own 3 of their scopes, 1 binos, 1 spotting scope and I agree they are amazing!
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