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    Would you get rid of wind?

    A ship in a harbor is safe. But that is not what ships are for. Shoot in the wind every chance you get.
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    Pre-fit Barrel's

    I have a bunch of PacNor savage prefits, and 1 Preferred Barrel Blanks shouldered prefit that I put on my first ZAI Origin. Liked that action so much I just pulled one of my old savages apart and put the PacNor 280AI bbl on my second Origin. None have disappointed me.
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    Getting in mountain shape with no mountains around?

    I have never been a runner, but love my kettlebells and rucking.
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    Savage 110 LA Stock Options

    Boyds AT1 is adjustable.
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    7 rem mag velocity expectation

    My factory Ruger 7mag had a 24" bbl. and I couldn't make it to 3000 fps with a 168 Berger. Re-barreled with a 26 incher and found a good node at 3050fps, and for 180gr at 2905fps. Could I go faster? A little, but I wouldn't go for speed at the expense of accuracy.
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    Breakdown of my DREAM rifle (what is yours?)

    The feel of it is great. The fore-end encloses the barrel (think AR15) so it sits lower on the bipod by just a bit. Everywhere I normally touch when carrying a rifle in the woods is carbon fiber and warms to the touch so cold weather should be more comfortable than the aluminum Oryx. Lost about...
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    Breakdown of my DREAM rifle (what is yours?)

    My dream rifle is always the one I just finished building. So: This week I put one of my tried and true PacNor 280Ackley barrels on a new Origin from Bighorn, TriggerTech, in a new magnesium/carbon fiber chassis from MDT. PST Gen2 3-15x on top, MDT brake.
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    Long Range Hunting Rifle On A Budget

    Some might call this a "birth announcement", but it's more of an "evolutionary development". MDT finally shipped my HN26 chassis, just a week after my Origin Arms action and TriggerTech trigger arrived. My 2nd 280 Ackley on a Savage action was quickly sacrificed upon the DIY altar... And a 13lb...
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    How much weight/distance for backpack training?

    As long as you're wearing pants, who cares what the neighbors think...
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    Weighted Pack

    The hunt prep never ends. My trusty J107 with a barbell plate and water aboard for a nice little walk in the woods today...
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    Weighted Pack

    One of my favorite coaches likes to say "squats aren't bad for your knees, the way YOU squat is bad for your knees..."
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    Who hunts with a chassis

    I like it better than a bag. I hold the legs with my left hand and it tracks thru recoil the same as the bipod on the front. Also allows more versatility for height than any single bag that I've tried, and takes up way less space in a pocket. The shock cord was worn out in the sticks, and I use...
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    Who hunts with a chassis

    Origin action, PacNor barrel, Oryx chassis, Vortex glass. 12.75# 280 Ackley, new 7mag barrel from Preferred Barrel Blanks arrived after hunting season was over.
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    280AI barrel length

    Retumbo, loads are a little over "book max" but my COAL is quite a bit longer than SAAMI.