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    BLASPHEMY ???????????????

    Kinda like collecting supermodels. Just to look at them.
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    BLASPHEMY ???????????????

    Here's my version of "traditional"...
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    Too late to start?

    Condolences on your family loss, and congrats on having your wife onboard for the hunt opportunity. Best of luck for next year.
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    Who hunts with a chassis rifle?

    I hunt with what I like to shoot the most, and these are my favorite shooters... All DIY Savage builds, 260 Rem, 6.5/284, 280 Ackley. Thinking about a 28 Nosler next time.
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    30-06 can still get it done

    I like the latest whizz-bang, high BC, VLD, 40 degree shoulder, rebated rim, no wait, belted... aw, whatever it is as much as anyone else on this forum. BUT. I've never lost sight of the fact that the 30-03 and its immediate successor the 30-06 were originally intended to break a cavalry charge...
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    1 MOA: 1" = 95.5 Yards

    And then there's the difference between "map" mils and "shooter" mils. Kinda like the diff between "shooter" moa (which isn't) and "real" moa.
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    Loads for 280AI - is 175 too heavy?

    168 and 180 bergers over Retumbo or H4831sc with BR2 primers do nicely in my pair of 280Acks
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    Possible to DIY build a precision rifle?

    Here are my 4 Savage and or Stevens DIYs:
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    Military Losing the Sniper War Against Russia?

    Coulda been "fake news"... Was there a Colonial News Network?
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    Military Losing the Sniper War Against Russia?

    Herbert W. McBride is often credited with being the "father" of modern sniping. An American who went to Canada to enlist for WW1 (imagine that, someone going TO Canada to get INTO a war instead of running north to avoid one...). Serving under British authority, he demonstrated the usefulness of...
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    Too late to start?

    By filling your pockets with bacon...?
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    Is a Daypack worth it?

    Eberlestock J107. See avatar.
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    Pack or Bipod?

    Mounting on vehicles? What do think they are, Rat Patrol?
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    Burbon Tonight !

    Jefferson's, Knob Creek, Blanton's, all pretty good.
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    Pack or Bipod?

    My experience is that a bipod is more consistent if I am able to get square behind the rifle and load it a bit. Resting the rifle on my pack gives a stable sight picture, but will allow a little more variation in how the rifle tracks through recoil. In a sitting or kneeling position using my...