Anyone Tried a Tipi style tent with ultralight stove?

I have the Seek Outside Cimarron with the Seek Outside Large Ti stove. It's awesome. I added bugnets so I can run it in September for archery as well. No complaints. Don't let your bag get too close to the stove...worst smell ever when down and synthetic melts on that bad boy! As others said, look at the amount of gear and people you want in there. I sleep 2 with a lot of gear and wood inside comfortable in the SO Cim. Sleeping 4 would be easy without the gear/stove but the dudes the sides would have a little condensation on the bags probably in the AM. Only downside to these tents is condensation, but a few minutes with the doors open or fire up the stove and that fixes the problem pretty fast.
I have the Titanium Goat 8 man TeePee Tent with a titanium stove - with the liner the whole thing weighs in at about 11 pounds. It saved my bacon a couple years ago bow hunting for elk. I shot a bear with my bow that came into my cow call at dark, after we worked up the bear, it started to snow hard. Going across a creek, I slipped, fell on my back with a real heavy pack and got completely soaked. My hunting buddy was laughing so hard he could not even help me up. I was like a turtle on its back with a full bear head / pelt and some of the meat. 2 miles later made it to camp and was soooooo glad to have the stove in that Tee pee - we had stored wood in the ten prior to the storm and had the tent at 80 degrees in no time. We spent the next full day in the tent as it dumped snow. 8 man will fit 3 guys and gear pretty well. Pics of it set up in the yard and stove inside.

I don't take it every time, but if we are expecting cold wet weather, its going. I use a small light weight 4 man for 2 of us most of the time when we have mild dry weather predicted.



I’ve used a Seek Outside Backcountry shelter with an EdT Ti stove for many years. Total weight, 5lb 9oz. That includes the tent stakes, and probably some extra cord in the bag. There is zero chance I’d go back to a regular tent for fall hunts in the Rockies. Single digit temps outside and I’m laying on my sleeping bag in my base layer with a warm stove burning and any damp items drying. That’s good living!

One particularly bad pack-in involving, snow, wet, cold, darkness, and horse follies convinced me that the tipi/Ti stove combo is the way to go. Many subsequent years have only reaffirmed that.
I too, have a Seek Outside 6-man tipi and use their medium size stove. It has served my hunting buddy and I really well. I've had the tipi and stove for nearly 6 years now and both have held up well. We've made 2 CO elk hunts and numerous deer hunts in OK with the tent.

The tipi has plenty of room for 2 (in winter) with all clothing, supplies and gear. Would be fine for 3 people and gear in warmer months. It is easy to set up by one person and a breeze with two. The medium Ti stove has also worked well. Even in the coldest conditions the tipi needs to be vented or it gets really warm. One thing to keep in mind, these type stoves are stick stoves and have to be stoked often. We camped out at over 10,000 ft on both CO elk hunts and brought our camping gear and supplies in by horseback on both trips. Good luck
with your search and your hunting trip.
These look just the job.
What do you guys use as a ground sheet?
Also do you use a Bivvi bag, waterproof bag put over your sleeping bag while sleeping to keep damp out?
These look just the job.
What do you guys use as a ground sheet?
Also do you use a Bivvi bag, waterproof bag put over your sleeping bag while sleeping to keep damp out?

Unless you are sleeping with a wet dog, don't use a bivy on your bag, especially a waterproof one. Your body puts out tons of moisture and you will soak your bag while sleeping. This is why you don't see many "waterproof / goretex type sleeping bags, they just can't move enough moisture away from your body and you get wet from the inside. A well vented tepee tent with a moisture liner inside will keep things nice and dry inside.
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