Ultralight hot tent - tigoat vertex 5 with wifi stove. Any one have one?

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May 1, 2014
New Mexico
I am looking at the tigoat Vertex 5 tent with a titanium stove for a solohunt. I've been doing alot of research on them and it looks like a great combo. Super light with stove, and tent comes in at 3lbs. You have to use a hiking pole or 2 to pitch the tent, but it should be exactly what i am looking for for high elevation solo hunts. I was wondering if anyone had any experience with the package. I was looking at their small wifi stove for boiling water as well.
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I went ahead and ordered through tigoat what should be a pretty sweet system.

Vertex 5 tent 26.5 ounces. Ordered tan color for desert and mountain hunts.

Vent for stove not sure of weight, but it should be minor.
Removable vent cover for use with no stove.

Small wifi stove with 6 foot of stack. Ordered an extra foot as I have read stove works better the longer the vent is. I can always cut it off. 13 ounces for stove plus 6 ounces for pipe or 19 ounces. I chose the wifi stove so I have the option to do some minor cooking, boil water, etc on top ot the stove with native fuel. This should limit fuel cans etc. I will probably still take the cook stove as a fall back.

Total package should be right at 3lbs with stove vent. I also ordered a pole for 20 bucks, but i am confident that a hiking pole or 2 velcroed together will get the job done. Set up of the entire system should be around 15 minutes. Gathering wood for small stove, maybe 30 minutes for a couple days supply. Bone saw should work for firewood.

In also picked up one of their ultralight bivys for bugs, not that they are a huge issue where I hunt, but also added water protection for a down sleeping bag. They make a bug door panel option for the tent, but once again i am not concerened in this area and bivy has bug net. 6 ounces for bivy and $60.

My thought is is should be a perfect system for solo hunts or 2 people without the stove all the way up to late fall. It should be able to handle snow loads and high winds due to design and simplicity. Nothing better than a place to warm up after a long cold day.

All in it is about $700. Cheaper than a plane ticket or an out of state elk tag. I will post some pics when it arrives. They are custom made, so a week or 2 out.
I have the 6.5 (I think) and the larger wood stove. The pipe is a little hard to roll the first time. But once you build a fire in the stove and get the stove pipe good and hot it's easy to roll after that. One thing that I would recommend is a tent liner. These tents seem to sweat pretty bad. Overall I really like the outfit. It doesn't replace a good wall tent with a good wood stove but it doesn't weigh a 100 lbs either.
Good to know and thank you for the input. I will post some pics of the little one once I get it delivered. I am hoping the sleeping bag bivey will compensate for the condensation in an attempt to keep the weight near 3 lbs. I typically hunt on public lands and there are so many people anymore that the only way I have found to get in the game is to get 3 to 5 miles back there. The only way to do that without a horse is a backpack. I don't have the time to keep a horse and I have a hard time dealing with a guide in my home area, so backpack it is:) plus I enjoy the solo hunt at high elevations. Anyway I will give it a try and see what happens.
More pics to follow. So far this appears to be an awesome set up. I need to throw it on the scale, but 3lbs for tent and stove should be awesome.


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The tent is easy to pitch. The stove took a maybe 10 minutes to get together the first time. The first time took 2 people to get the stove pipe to bend. The stove heated up the tent super quick. I used the $20 pole which worked great. I am going to play with the hiking poles tomorrow. The tent also has some guy lines that should help in a wind storm and also add extra room in the interior of the tent. The tigoat bivy appears to be very well built and super light. So far I am super impressed. This is a very well thought out system that should be awesome for solo hunts. There is plenty of room in the tent for the stove, a sleeping bag and gear. The tent also has several loops for hanging close instide and a big loop on the top of the tent forpitching using a tree. I am in shock about how lightweight and how small the entire system folds down to. DJ was a pleasure to work with. He takes a couple of days to respond, but he is listening while he is building the tent. I picked up the phone a couple of times and he always answered to make changes to the order. Good people. I will spend some more time on it over the next couple of days and post another update and more pics.
Hope that was helpful.
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