Best ultralight tent (with floor)

Little late to the party. I have the Dan Durston 2 person tent. Sets up easy, in my opinion seems very roomy for a 2 person pack tent, light weight, great vestibule (can even be used alone) and large enough to actually store extra gear. While I haven't yet used it in extremely wet conditions I can say it does stand up to wind well. As I've gotten older getting in and out of some tent designs has gotten harder. Really liked the Durston for getting boots on and off and entering and existing. My 2 cents worth
I use a Hilleberg Anjan 3. It is a 3-person tent, but it fits better for 2. If you are 3 grown guys you will need to be very close friends and all of you need to be certain about your sexuality. It will be extremely tight. Like having a guys shoulder on top of you sometimes during the night. But I once slept in it with two girls at around 110-120 lbs each. That worked fine. 🥴🤤

It only weights around 4 lbs which is pretty amazing for the strength you get. Me and a friend once used it in winds up to 65-70 mph in a Norwegian mountain during the summer. The whole thing budged so much that it was bent over me (i slept on the windy side).

We were awake the whole night and scared as hell. Prepared that the whole **** would collapse or fly away with us inside of it. But that tent could handle it. If I had bought a cheaper one we could have frozen to death that night.

Those tents are tried in wind tunnels for really high speeds. And they work in real life too. Amazing quality.

Would like to give an update to my previous tent review of the Hilleberg Anjan 3.

This year it couldn't handle the wind. Me and a friend were hunting in an area where you need to put the tent in a specific location, and this location is picked by some stupid bureaucrat who does not understand wind hazards.

The wind-speeds came up to 78 mph and this made the tent flat like a pancake. Maybe our storm lines were not 100% this time. All the poles broke into pieces. But I am still impressed with the tent. Even when laying slick to the ground with broken poles, the fabric of the tent is still intact. It became a smaller dent in one of the pole-channels where a broken pole where pushing and trying to get through (if you see what I mean). But that was it.

Will buy new poles for around 150 USD.
I pulled the trigger on a Nemo Hornet 2p for my upcoming hunt. Wanted a 2 person tent to give me a little extra room.
How'd that Hornet work out? Asking for a 6ft3in kinda guy. Also thoughts on using the one person version?
How'd that Hornet work out? Asking for a 6ft3in kinda guy. Also thoughts on using the one person version?
I used to have the Hornet Elite 2p and it was a nice tent. 6'-3" might push it though. I'd definitely get a 2p and not even consider a 1p. The 2p is nicer because it gives you enough space for some gear and clothes inside as well as some changing space. You might be able to make the 2p work if you slept diagonally in it.
It will take some looking, but get a tent that is 4 seasons, and lightest as possible, for backpacking. I would look into the backpacking outfits. I hate to say it, but look at REI for that type of gear. Shop the net and go all over the place. Looking is a lot cheaper than purchasing. I did the old trick of purchasing a few times to get it right. Never or hopefully I won't do that again. It can be your life on the line in bad weather, and if your sleeping or clothing gear isn't up to power, There can big problems including your life.
BEST ONE PERSON UL TENT WITH A FLOOR-> Tarptent Moment DW W/ "solid" interior (Get the optional Crossing Pole for snow load resistance.)

BEST ONE PERSON SUPER UL TENT WITH A FLOOR-> Tarptent Notch Li (dyneema fabric. Choose the Silnylon floor for better wear and puncture resistance.) This tent is spendy!

I have both of these tents. The Moment DW (Double Wall) is now mainly for winter use.
The Notch Li is for 3 season backpacking but will handle a snowstorm well if necessary.
Both have 2 doors and 2 vestibules.

Tarptent is family owned and has VERY good customer service. Based in northern California.
Recently KUIU came out with two very good tents specifically designed for 4 season use. They are "dome" style BUT the poles run through exterior sleeves that, like Tarptent, keep the inner tent attached to the fly so rain and snow can't wet the inner tent when setting up or breaking camp.
I have a KUIU merino hoodie and a KUIU Yukon rain parka and both are excellent quality. (Remember to buy one size larger with KUIU clothes as they are cut "athletic".) I've never seen KUIU tents but I would bet my best rifle that they are every bit as good as Tarptent's quality.

** So many otherwise decent tents require the inner tent and poles to be erected first THEN the fly added. Whether setting up or taking down this design means the inner tent can get soaked in rain or wet snow weather.
BTW Nimrod62,
Henry Shires, Tarptent owner and designer, says the Rainbow and Double Rainbow are actually MORE wind worthy than my Moment DW. Many Rainbow owners love them for all season camping.
Eric B.
You can get nests for tipis at are fully enclosed with bug net and bathtub floor. Doesn't totally eliminate tipis, but weight savings is out the window.
A buddy and I have been using the Stone Glacier Skyscraper. It has work well for us for many years. Mainly for archery elk hunts but i use it for camping on our horses as well. It has held up well.
I've recently ended up buying the Stone Glacier SkyAir ULT. I also bought all of the other stuff to go with it too, the mesh insert with tub floor (I'm thinking spring bear), the floor, and the vestibule. In its lightest configuration it's just over half a pound. Great for moving fast in September here in MT. I haven't used it yet but the research I did led me to purchasing it.
We have used several including some mentioned in this thread. Kuiu mountain star is the best all rounder we have found. Great bit of gear