Ultralight Teepee style tent with wood stove?

Do any of you carry the stove a teepee on solo trips? If so what is the combined weight and do you think is worth the weight without splitting the load?
I carry the tipi and stove every time I'm planning on staying out over night. My outfit including my sleeping bag and sleeping mat weighs between 10 and 11 lbs. Now I admit this is advertised weights, never really put it on a scale, but it doesn't feel too bad. I'm a little long in the tooth and have been on a fair amount of back country pack trips. Some with stock and some just back packing. I learned a few years back that being wet and cold just isn't fun for me anymore and when you're in the mountains there is no telling what mother nature can and will through at you.

My setup is about 6.2 pounds ...I believe its well worth it. You gotta figure you lose the camp stove and fuel so you shave off a some weight there . The pros far out weigh the cons in my opinion...

There's also lighter options for the stove

Lite Outdoors 18" cylinder stoves come in at 2.8 pounds

TiGoat Cylinder stove 22" comes in at 2 pounds

So if i was truly counting ounces I would go with one of those and be around 5.7 pounds
Sounds pretty good for a spike camp but how much time is required for setup and take down of the teepee and stove. Would you/do you like this setup when moving and sleeping wherever you end up at the end of the day?

Total time less then 35 mins I can set the stove up within 10mins and if I'm a hurry I can set my bcs-2 with 25 mins. Moving camps isn't a problem but keep in mind every time you move you need to take atleast an hr to gather wood for the stove. The seek out side stove is alittle simpler to assemble cause it's a box stove. The cylinder stoves like lite outdoors and tigoat take more time to assemble and alittle more tricky. The box stove will take up more space then a cylinder stove but in my opinion easy assembly and less risk are big reasons for me choosing a box stove.
If you goggle Hill People Gear, they make a stove, it's made out of stainless steel. It's a little heavier than the tigoat I use for my solo back packing. My bother and I went together a brought one for our larger seekin outside tipi. They have a video on how to set them up. There are no small parts to fiddle with and it probably takes about as long to get it out of the carry case as it does to set it up. It also holds a fire longer and you can use larger pieces of wood. In my opinion (and that isn't worth much) it's a pretty nice stove and still not extremely heavy.
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