Kifaru 4 man Tipi w/small stove


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Dec 16, 2009
I'm looking at getting one of these set-ups for October-November backpack hunts in mountain states. There will only be 2 people using it but I figured that a 4 man would give extra space for keeping hunting gear dry. We would probably be looking at camping 2-3 miles past the end of the ATV trails.

Anyone tried this model, or any of their products and have any good or bad to say?
Kifaru makes great gear,you wont be disappointed! If I were you I'd look real hard at the 6 man,thats what I have.You can stand up in it to pull your pants on and a small stove will still work
I've heard great things about all the kifaru products, but they are on the expensive side. If your looking for a cheeper version, check out the Golite Shangria-la 5. tons of space and i know i have seen people rig them with a wood burning stove. I just picked up the Shangra-la 3 for a two person ultra light backpacking setup. no complantes thus far.
I don't know if you've already purchased, but I highly recommend this tent. It is a little heavy,but well worth it if you're staying a while and it is cold out. It weighs about 11 lbs. with the stove. We sleep two in it, and it works great. Lots of room to cook and spread out a little. Four men would be tight. One year we got snow and the other two hunters were in our tent mornings and evenings to warm up and cook. Worked great. Being able to dry off and warm up is a lifesaver and a hunt saver. Stove works amazingly well. The pole is very heavy duty, and I've often thought I could use a lighter pole, but haven't bothered. I'm a Ray Jardin fan of ultralight backpacking, but for winter hunts, this is worth the weight. I save weight on other items. If I'm spike camping for just one night in mild weather, I'll use my GoLite Lair. Kifari makes great gear, but it is heavy duty. the zippers on my Kifari will never fail. The price is steep, but this tent will probably last as long as I do.
Thanks for the other sites, I will check them out. If I can get the same quality for less I am all for that. If I draw for Wyoming elk this year, I won't need one yet this fall. If not this might be the year to try a backpack trip somewhere. I sure like the idea of having a stove and not just a tent.
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