Any Luck calling wolves?


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Feb 3, 2007
Townsend, Montana.
I am packing in with horses this weekend to a remote cabin to hunt wolves for a few days. Looking to raise my success percentages any way I can. Want to go in as light as possible, so is it worth the time to pack the Fox Pro?

I have heard of some success with electronic calls but the wait time is much longer than coyotes.

Any first hand experience would be appreciated.

They don't respond to them here. They have been played with too much. I do still hear of the elk hunter that has them come to a cow call. I talked to a hunter the other day that played a Fox Pro during a howling session and the wolves shut up immediately and he never heard another word from them. I think it depends upon the wolf. If it is a single immature they will act differently than a pack with adults present. I do know they are getting more wary all the time.
Might try some coyote howls. Wolves are known to be territorial. If there is any possibility that they are educated you would want to avoid the rabbit in distress for sure. Nice thing is that a hand howler is small, light and very loud.

No personal experience since we do not have wolves in SE Michigan.
I wouldn't use anything too loud. Just use a natural sound. They don't howl loud. Their hearing is very acute.
I have done a bit of howling at night on the farm on the edge of the woods and probably had 5 or 6 coyotes within 100yards. Anyone who would claim that coyote vocalizations are soft (if you were 1 foot away) are dreaming. A listener who was 100 or 300 yards away, would of course not think it was loud.
Jeff, last couple of wolves killed here came to a calf in distress call.


Thanks Randy that's what I need to know. Elk calf right, I have both.

Mustang, I agree they hear way better than we do. I rarely turn the call up too loud. Start low and raise it a bit. Only use upper volume as a last ditch effort on a windy day.

The wolf I shot in 2009 I howled in with my mouth. The down side is you have to know they are close enough to hear you, which we did.
I'd dump the fox pro and use mouth calls. I guess assuming you know how to blow them properly (not saying you don't) I use a thunder bugle to howl through, gives you a good deep tone. The areas close to civilization are going the way of the elk as far as calls, wising up. Every Joe schmo hunter thinks they know how to howl and are wising things up... Doesn't sound like you'll have that problem

Something to consider too, is if their are/were moose in your area that you're hunting. Don't know why but they seem to hit on the moose pretty well. Moose then elk then deer then smaller game is kind of the cycle I use. Howling works to locate but just like bugling sometimes you'll push them off. Howling will work best if the pack is split and traveling or you can find an area where two pack butt heads.

If you do take the fox pro I would seriously try to find a "pack of hounds" sound that'd be death on them and likely draw a whole pack.

Good luck, take pics!
I agree the pack of hounds sound would be a great one. When I ran hounds all the time wolves were a major concern up around the park. the wolves will kill your dogs any chance they get.
We killed some off a dead moose this year, look for ravens. I did call in a wolf Sunday just used my mouth. All the guys I know that have called them in with foxpros say they hang up at about 100-200 yards. Good luck.
I suppose it is worth a try anytime. I think it depends upon the wolf you are dealing with. If it is a pack they might act differently than a lone sub-adult. Calling is becoming less effective all the time in my area.
Just called in two a couple weeks ago here in Alberta. No reply to the howl. Tried elk in distress and then rabbit. Finally saw them coming about 600 yards out. They stopped about 200 yards out (not long range by any means), and I shot. Got the one and only a glimpse of the second.
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