Any Luck calling wolves?

I called in a wolf on a coyote set in the upper peninsula here last summer. Coyote came in first and it was a missed shot, then a wolf came in later, called it into within 100yds. But no season on them here.
I am packing in with horses this weekend to a remote cabin to hunt wolves for a few days. Looking to raise my success percentages any way I can. Want to go in as light as possible, so is it worth the time to pack the Fox Pro?

I have heard of some success with electronic calls but the wait time is much longer than coyotes.

Any first hand experience would be appreciated.


What rifle and cartridge ?? did you see some?? hear some??
I call them in all the time if I want too

here is one I howled in the next morning ..called 11pm the night before from my lawn chair beside my tent ..the truck and trailer are mine ..I was fishing and saw it ....then called it too lake shore

also the one in morning that is hard too see .. ran across the road then I drove up howling and got out of truck and walked in on it went submissive on the first howl and let me walk to about 30 yards .. it actually lay down first then got nervous and stood for picture

all I use are my hands for howling and then sometimes I put a moan on the end ..get a u-tube video to ..get your howl/moan right

if you look down I also explain on a couple of post I did on Canis Lupus 2 out of 3 is not bad

Good luck on your quest



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