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  • Hi Nathan, I sent an email to email that was on your site. Not sure if you are getting them. Anyway looking for a mini beast for my Tikka T3x lite 300WSM. I’m new to LRH and didn’t know how to send DM. Hopefully you get this.

    Thanks John Logan
    I'm hunting a 2 piece brake for my daughters .223 in 1/2"x28. I saw your website. What is the price and availability of the super baby beast in 3 or 4 port 1/2"x28?
    I just acquired a 30-8mm Remington magnum or 300 Super! Need some load data if you can help. I load reloader 22 for 7mm stw and was looking at that to start. 168 or 180 bullets is what I had in minds since here in NC the deer are on small side. Any help would be appreciated. JERE'
    Hey I was looking at your 4 port brakes specifically the .750 9/16-24tpi is .750 the diameter of the brake and can I turn it down to .640 if so I believe you have me sold on a brake
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