101 of calling Wolves


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Oct 24, 2012
Hinton< Alberta< Canada
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The art of calling wolves is like any calling , make the right sound and they will come too you

I have called wolves for over 40 years by hand and elk calls

If your in wolf country and you want to see who’s listening try a call at night/morning

If they are in listening distance you may get a answer if your howling (calm day )

Remember wolves are very territorial and will and do protect their area

They will send a scout or 3 to check out threats

I have got wolves coming in a group of 3 twice in 6 days and got 2 out of 3 each time

I have called at night and evening and had them show up next morning in the exact spot I call

I have watched them crossing a mill cut .. then called and turned them to come to me

With in 20minutes they were all around us .. black out front .. gray to left

When you throw in a call of a elk in distress they are coming to investigate

Always be ready for the other predators too .. Grizzly/Black Bear/Cougar/Coyote

This calling of the bigger predators is not for the faint of heart … your neck hair will stand when they howl close

Fresh tracks / hearing them howl is the time too use this .. remember to be quite and watch wind if any

When you shoot something some times you may hear a howl in distance .. give them a howl n be ready

Most times when they come in they are very close before they show them selves (25yds to 50yds)

If you like the thrill of the hunt then this is the best you can get

When The Hunter becomes the Hunted

David :-}


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