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Nov 26, 2005
Riggins Idaho
Ok, I got a set of dies for an 6.5x284. Problem is that The bullet is not being seated on the ogive of the bullet or whatever you call it. It is seating the bullets with the tip. Can I just drill that out a little or do I need to bring it some where. also what kind of powder would you suggest with the 140 gr. class bullet. Temp. stable would help. Thanks

Have it spun on a lathe if you simply try to drill it in a press and the hole is off center it can raise all kinds of problems with bullet run out. You may have to have one made more to your liking as the factoy unit may not be wide enough to get out to the ogive. I have used H1000 with good success in the 140 gr class.

I had a set of Hornady Custom New Dimension dies in 6.5x284 that did the exact same thing. I sent them back and ordered a set of Reddings, problem solved.
I like H4831sc or Re-22 for the 140s, H4831sc is more temp. stable but the Re-22 is faster and more accurate in my rifle.

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