What would be your shot?

The collar would end up straped around the rear axle of a subaru with an Obama sticker on the back. Let them explain it. AJ


thank you. that was great.
Well, I know "ethics" is a naughty word when it comes to distance, but, now and then some of us get a verbal spanking for shooting at something on a ridgetop. You know, the whole, "you don't know what's on the other side, you shouldn't take the shot."

The simple answer for me is the black wolf hands down. I'd really like to know if it is wearing a collar. Gray wolf is #2. The bull is not a shooter for me. He needs about 2-3 more years.

With that said....

I would go ahead and shoot the Elk. When the wolves tried to feed on my kill...


I would kill them when they came for a free meal :Dgun)
The elk needs a few more years on him. Those muts behind that noble creature are to be culled in the order of black first, oh what a treasure! Then since Montana is giving two tags next year and Idaho already does, that Gray one gets the air let out of him next!

I think this is how it goes, but as a side note, I listened to wolves howl for three hours this morning across the river and when the only coyote I called all day, finally came in, I missed the darn thing at 200 yards. Ya my new toy with the phony cds caps self dialed up 4 moa. argh!!!!
I'd have to pass on all three. Why? When my late son attended hunter training, the instructors were adamant about not taking skyline shots because you don't have a safe background for the shot.
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