Would it be beneficial for LRH...


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Aug 4, 2013
West Central, Idaho
Would it be beneficial to start a sub-forum in the classifieds, along the lines of a "good guy list". Kind of like they have on 24hrcampfire. Not to hijack their idea and maybe it would be no help at all. I was just thinking and I know a lot of people cross-over there. I just kind of like browsing it when purchasing something. Wondered what the thought on the idea might be...
This was previously covered and the best I've seen thus far was to leave message on the visitor message board on their profile.

Others that I have dealt with even asked for feed backs.

In my personal experience, LRH are good people to deal with.



I hope you don't mind me using you as an example ...




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Ok, I didn't even think to search it. I have about 10% good luck searching! usually it returns 0 results. Anyways I see it's been done, might be good to 'sticky' it to the classifieds. I certainly like the idea of posting on the user's board specifically.
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