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Mar 14, 2003
mifflin county, penna
Just a thought, maybe not.

My first shooting and reloading was for an 8X57 given to me by my Uncle. I since had it rechambered to the 8MM/06. I really like the performance and to this day, even after adding many other calibers to my gun safe, it still remains my pet.

I recently had a 260 Rem rechambered for the WSM case with good success, And I also own a Win Mod 70 Coyote in the 7MM WSM.

Thus my thinking is to build an 8MM based on the WSM in a sporter type of rifle. I am also thinking that this would be a good fit with the 180 gr Barnes X for distances out to 500 yds on most game.

Am I dumb or what? Please feel free to chastise me
my wife does all the time. But I need to have a spring project to get to whistle pig time.

Thanks for any thoughts and or advice.


1) Shame on you. (get that out of the way.)
2) Go for it! Not sure it would be my pick for 500 yd, but if I had a Yugo with a sporter stock and good bore, I'd **** sure turn the barrel back and rechamber it. A quick and easy magnum sporter. Dies and reamer run you about $250, rechamber maybe $70, so for about $400 you'd be ready to hunt. Definitely a rough and ready elk gun out to 300 if it'll group at all.
It's a **** shame those cases have such a pitiful neck, though. Be nice to reach out to 3.1" with a bit more to hold on to.

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