7mm08 for elk?


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Sep 21, 2002
Just wondering if anyone has shot any elk with a 7mm08, my nephew wants to shoot a elk this yr on a trip with me but doesnt like to shoot my 300wsm and its a big heavy gun for him to carry. I have a very accurate 7mm08 custom built that weighs about 4 lbs less and he has shot deer with it so he likes the gun but i wanted to know about elk,
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Push a quality 140 gr or larger bullet and get him inside 200 yards, you'll be fine. Depending on your shot it may not drop on the spot but it won't go far if hit in a vital. The 140 Accubond or TSX is probably the best bet IMO.

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And at 200 yards its retained velocity is still pushing about 2,400 fps and its retained energy, is about 1800 ft/lbs. I might push it as far as 300 Yards or so if I was really confident on a shot placement. Enjoy and have a safe and successful hunting trip.
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a 7mm08 will work just fine ide look into some 140 grain bullets i hand load a 7mm08 custom rifle i built and took a elk two years ago from 325 yds i had a perfect shot ont he animal. ya if you do some loads then ya its very capable of it and just make sure he is experienced with the rifle and understands exactly what and where to shoot an elk is a big animal.
thanks for the info guys, the gun shoots great now with 140accubonds I was thinking about going to the 160 but wasnt sure if the loss in velocity was worth the trade. i planned to let him shoot inside 250yrds

A 7mm bullet is a 7mm bullet no matter what rifle it is shot out of, be it a 7-08 or a 7 RUM. The difference is the velocity it has when it leaves the muzzle. many of the members of this site consider minimum expasion velocity the determing factor in a cartridge and bullet's kill range. Many also use 1500 ftlbs of energy as their minumum on elk. I look at the bullet's minimum expansion velocity for the most part and also look for about 40 lb ft of momentum for penetration on elk. For a long range shot on elk with a 7mm I would recommend being selective with your shot. My first choices of bullets for the 7-08 would be the 150 E-Tips and the 160 AB's. RL17 is a good powder for the 7-08 and can get you some more performance over other powders. With a good load you could take an elk at well over 500 yds with a 7-08

The 7mm isn't the best elk killer, but if it's what you have, use it wisely and it will get the job done. Wouldn't hurt to be ready with a follow up shot and above all, try not to spook the elk.

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thanks for the info, RL 17? I reload alot but havent done much in the last yr or so,is it a new powder? I had been shooting varget in the 7mm08. I had them running about 2900 with 140s and a max load of varget


RL 17 is a relatively new powder. It has boosted velocities in my 300 WSM and 25-06 by 200 fps over other powders. I am guessing and this is just a guess, but you could probably see over 2900 fps with a 150 gr bullet out of a 7-08. For shooting elk, I would recommend a 150 gr bullet or bigger.

I have had great luck with the 160gr Accubonds in my 7mm Rem Magnums. I can get them up to 3050 pretty easily and they group really well at that speed. I think they would be great out of the 7mm-08 is held to the 1500ft lb standard. Might be better to use 140's or 150gr Partitions. I am sure your other two choices would be great also. More speed and a little flatter trajectory. Scotty
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