7mm08 vs .284

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    Feb 20, 2013
    Hi guys I'm new to forums but have a bit of a tricky situation.
    I've been building a rifle on a tikka M55. The idea was to make a rifle capable of taking a deer out to 500M max but could be a bush rifle at the same time, I was thinking of making it in .284 with 154gr sst's or 7mm08 with 139gr sst's or 140grn Bergers . I thought I'd decided on the .284 option but when I tried a round in the action and magazine it's tight in the mag by .010" and the opening in the bottom of the action is .005" tight and I'd have to seat the bullet back so far it would probably take up some case capacity. So the dilemma is do I modify the mag and the action or go with the 7mm08 option I'd be pushing the projectile around 2900 . I'm going to make spare mags anyway so the mags not a major but is the small gain in the .284 worth it? I know a lot of you think 7mm08 isn't enough for 500 but that wouldn't be very often and only in perfect conditions.
    Cheers Sam