7mm Rem Mag Barrel Length


Dec 4, 2009
Hey Everyone,

This is my first post on this forum so I guess I'll go ahead and introduce myself I'm Sydney and I'm getting ready to order my first fully custom rifle. I'm leanig toward getting a 7mm Rem Mag with a Bartlein stainless 5R barrel with a 1:10 twist. What barrel length would be the best for shots upwards of 800yards? Most people are recommending anywhere from 22" - 26". What's the best that you've found?
I would go 1:9 twist and 26 to 28" length. While I have had no problems with stabilizing 162 A-Maxes in a 1:10 twist Hornady recommends a 1:9 or faster and it would leave you open to shoot the 180 Bergers also.

Welcome Sydney! I would go with a minimum of 26". You will increase velocity by approx. 40 ft/sec. for every inch of barrel length. If you intend to shoot long range and maintain sufficient energy, the extra velocity will help. You will also want to use a high B.C. bullet for the same reason. There are some good bullets available for that diameter. Hope this helps. Again, welcome!.......Rich:D
If you want a 7mm Mag up off its knees, a 26" barrel certainly helps. Anything shorter and IMO, you may as well go with a .280 or 30-06, these with a 22" barrel
28" with a 1:9 twist.

As long as you are going custom, you may want to consider the 7mm STW or the 7mm RUM. I have nothing against the 7mm Mag, but the ballistics are only marginally better than the 30-06. Both of these other alternatives will get you out to 1000 yds. and commercial ammo is readily available for both.

By the way, welcome to LRH. :)
My 7mm RM is getting 3050 fps with 160 AB's from a 24" barrel. When I change that barrel I'll go to a 26" to find that missing 80 fps. :D

I wouldn't go any shorter than 24". I mean isn't that why you want a magnum ?

JM .02
I shoot 1-9 28" barrel. I can run the 168 VLD to 3100 Fps.

The 28" barrel can get a little long and difficult to uses shoot off hand. Most the time I shoot off a bipod so no worries.

Other thing to think about is carrying cases. 28" barrels do not fit in most hard cases. Just something to keep in mind.

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