7 WSM - what twist for for 180gn Bergers?


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Dec 22, 2008
G'day fellas,

Just got my import paperwork through for a Shilen pre-fit 7 WSM barrel for my large shank Savage LRPV.

My question is what twist rate - 1 in 9 or 1 in 8 to stabilise 180 gn Bergers.

From what I've read so far 1 in 9 will handle the 162 A Max and 175 SMK, but I can't find enough info for the 180 Bergers.

Any experience would be greatly appreciated.


a 9 twist should work just fine.

I have a 9 twist in both of my 7WSMs. They both shoot the 180 Bergers nicely.

My brother has a 9 twist in his straight .284, which is considerably smaller in case capacity then the 7WSM, and it shoots teh 180 Bergers just fine, at least out to 1,600 yards - which is teh farthest he has tried to shoot it and them.

Cheers fella's,

Thanks for the replies.

If a 284 Win can stabilise them with 1 in 9 then a 7 WSM will be fine in 9 twist.

The 1 in 9 would be my first choice in the 7 WSM.

If I was building a smaller cartridge in .284 (Like a 7/08) and intended to shoot 180 gr bullets
then I would go to the 1 in 8 twist due to the slower velocity.

Just my opinion

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