6.5 X 284 VLD Lost River bullets


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Oct 14, 2004
Atlanta, GA
Has anyone solved the accuracy problems with this excellent bullet? I know the suggested twist, land and grove data but has anyone actually done serious 1,000 yd scoring? If you have shot a 10 shot group under 10" please advise of your setup, please. Many Thanks. G. Andoe
Overbore, sorry I don't have anything to give you, but I am looking for information from anyone who has used the Lost River bullets. Need to know accuracy potential, terminal performace etc. Any information that you have would be appreciated.
I do not know of ANYONE who has had any luck with Lost River bullets in terms of accuracy. I have tested some in my 1000 yard prone rifle (6.5mag) and at 300 yards it was just NO good. With Sierra MK's my gun usually shoots from 5.5-10" at 1000 yards given the wind conditions. Dont waste your time or money on the Lost River bullets. Losts of snake oil.

excellent bullet for what ?
accuracy is worth
fouling is worth
throat life is worth
bullet stabilisation is worth in most commun barrel

the only excellent fact is to have sucess to sale so bad and so costly bullets

good shooting

I did a test with my 7mm stw and to put in bluntly, Lost River bullets suck! They are the most worthless, non-accurate bullets made, they sure look nice though sitting in the case and cause tremendous questions and answer sessions at the local range just dont go to shooting them.
They are completely off base, they dont perform as suggested, even if you have the correct twist and velocity. They are extremely expensive for what they offer and cant deliver on and they just dont work period.
If they did you would see all the benchrest and 1000 yard shooters using them because anything that gives them an edge is used extensivly, consequently you see NO ONE using these bullets in matches.
Heres my bullet results from my 7mm stw Bullet results
I hope this helps ya out. I did more testing and thus far have not been able to get better results than the Berger, SMK, or JLK's style bullets do.

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"If they did you would see all the benchrest and 1000 yard shooters using them because anything that gives them an edge is used extensivly, consequently you see NO ONE using these bullets in matches."

You are correct sir

I've experienced the same results with Lost river. What baffles me is that solid copper or bronze from Barnes can shoot very accurately in some rifles. One would think that a CNC machined bullet should be about perfect and should shoot very well.

I suspect that the right combo has not been found. But what the heck-- at what was it?? 2 bucks a bullet or so, I can't afford to shoot 22 of them at 600 yards or 1000 yards in each match.

I have shot very good scores with them at 600, but nothing compared to better bullets.

I'd bet folks are better of using whats proven and from some of the other high BC makers -- say Clinch River and others.

I personally feel that the LRB bullets are advertised for use with rifle twists that are not compatible for the extreme length of the bullets they offer.

If a 240 gr SMK needs a 1-9 twist with a .720 B.C. and they say a 220 gr J-40 with a B.C. of .930 needs basically the same twist, I think something is wrong.

I feel they are trying to get the absolute highest B.C. possible without doing the testing in actual rifles to see if these things will shoot.

Solid bullets work great in the larger calibers in the VLD and ULD form but I feel this is becasue they have alot of mass. A 220 gr bullet that is 2" long seems pretty light for that length and would wonder if this is a ballance issue more then anything.

Spending $40 for 20 bullets is flat out silly in my mind for anything under .510" caliber and 750 gr in weight.

Never have been impressed with their performance and by the sounds if it never will be unless the price drops considerably.

Good Shooting!!!

Kirby Allen(50)
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