6.5 X 284 norma


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Jan 19, 2010
Just kicking around a rebuild of a Browning A-Bolt. My question is I have a A-bolt long action (30-06) can I just change the head to fit this action for the 6.5 X 284 norma. And what barrel company would you all suggest that can place the barrel on the action and true everything on it?
You don't have to change the bolt face as the 6.5 Norma has an '06 sized head already. Their are lots of good barrel makers that also do installations. To name a few: Hart, Shilen, Krieger, Bartlein, Broughton and many more. You might also check on qualified gunsmiths in your area. If you are going to invest the money in a custom rifle (make sure you get a reputable gunsmith that knows custom rifle building). You can have the best barrel makers in the world and an improper installation may ruin the whole endeavor. "I've had it happen". Good luck.....Rich
Thanks, I think I will go with one of those custom barrel companies. I am haveing a very hard time finding someone that makes an A-Bolt stock. Looks like H & S precision makes one I just need to find out if it will carry a heavy barrel around 4% contour.
I've had two H-S stocks and they are very good. They make several styles and if you get one with enough meat, especially in the forend, the smith can easily route it out to fit......Rich
I've got a ouple of Senderos sitting in HS stocks and IMO they are great platforms. Having said that, B&C makes a very similar stock (medalist) of what appears to be eqaul qulity for about $100 less.

Would be interested to hear a comparison between the two from anyone who has had both.

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