6.5 something


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Oct 11, 2019
Cedar Bluff, Al
SST. 70 grains
SS 73.5 grains
Max. 77.4 grains
Sherman 76 grains
All have available
head stamped brass
Both the Sherman amd max will hold around 70 grains of dense powders and the SM holds 90.
I client recently built a 26 SM and ran the 156 Berger up to 3508' I believe.
I have 6.5 Max brass on order. Will it hold 77grs of powder? If so. I'm on the way and didn't know it!


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Jan 28, 2011
Spokane, WA
..........You’ll need a very slow burning powder you can’t find right now, a bonded , high ballistic coefficient bullet that holds together at close range yet expands reliably at lower velocities, readily available brass.....

The current 124 Hammer Hunter started at 3960 fps, is still over 2000 fps at 1000 yards. A case capacity in the stated range is a bit elusive in readily available brass. With one of the Shermans being the only one I'm aware of. RCC can be a bit of a wait, but such projects move at their own rate.

While all possible variants haven't been tested, a mono 6.5 heavier than the 140 +/- grains currently available certainly isn't a given, and from a practical level may not offer much performance advantage.

Steve already has the reamers for the larger RUM case, as well as, Lapua, and Norma variants. Knowing the rifle platform specifics, and end use could be helpful.

The powder situation is a bit better these days for the over bores.

Put a rim on it and I'm in!

Good Luck GL!


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