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  • They are still available. Just let me know.
    These are in absolute mint condition and are just like new!
    If you want to call me to discuss my home telephone number is 606-835-2803.
    Sorry it took me a while to find this message. I saw it once then couldn't remember where I had run across it. Kept checking the PM box but it wasn't there. Anyway sorry for the delay.
    I don't know much about Sako guns unfortunatly. I do know that my gun really needed to be bedded to be consistent. I used Devcon Steel and it has worked well.
    As far as the reloading process I can be a bit more helpful. I use RCBS dies as well. I only partially full length resize. This bumps the shoulders back a few thou and tightens the neck. It doesn't really do much to the bottom half of the brass. I tried neck sizing but after using the brass a twice it would no longer fit in the chamber when I closed the bolt. I also tried various seating depths for the bergers. the 168's like to be shot .08 off the lands and the 180s like to be shot .01 off the lands. The 168's like RL22 the best and the 180 liked Retumbo. N560 worked ok with both. Don't bother neck turning.

    I'd guess that the factory barrel is probably ok on your gun. Make sure it is clean. I would bed it and get a good trigger. I have a shilen barrel but the first group I shot from my gun when it was just out of the box was .6. This was during break in and each shot was from a cold, real cold bore. Good luck.
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