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David Emerson

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Jan 1, 2020
33 nosler would be close but a lot of necking to do. Maybe the 25 blackjack? It is the 7 blaser necked down. I have a reamer for a 6.5 on the 308 norma case changed to 30 degree but it is belted.


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Sep 3, 2019
Eastern NC
6.5 RPM is probably the closest factory offering but only weatherby/Hornady brass available. Sounds like the Sherman Max with ADG brass is a great option too But just a little less capacity and may need a medium action unless you’re gonna use the 124s in it, but I’m not familiar with their length. The 6.5x68s or the improved variant, which I believe is called the 6.5 Boo Boo, with rws brass is would be cool, but uses an oddball .512 bolt face. The 7 Blaser Mag necked down and possibly improved would definitely get you there. It is beltless, would have slightly more capacity than the 264wm and with its 2.33 case length would have room for the longest bullets made in a standard 3.5” long action, and uses the standard .532 bolt face. Only issue there is finding a good supply of brass which I believe only Norma makes. I have seen it available at grafs but haven’t checked lately.


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Dec 31, 2017
TX & West
26 nosler keeps it simple and new. Add a belt and go for 6.5-300.

My thoughts as well. I have used the 26 Nosler extensively over the past 4 years. Very good results on a variety of game. No belt and the capacity you're looking for.

Also have a new barrel in 6.5 RPM. The RPM is a nice round with a little less capacity that is also beltless.

The 6.5-300 adds some capacity and a belt.


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Aug 25, 2008
Southeast Idaho
26 Nosler using 28 Nosler ADG brass. The 26 has a 17 thou longer neck/shoulder junction so fire forming would be needed after the neck sizing that leaves 17-18 thou of the original sized neck to hold the case tight on the first forming.
That ADG brass is good stuff. That case capacity would give plenty of room for the powder charges needed for your goal I think.
Slap 26-27 inch 6.5 twist barrel on it and launch some missiles. 😁


Mar 6, 2016
I have extensive experience with:
6.5 C
6.5 SAUM
6.5 / 300 WBY

6.5 SAUM Ivy far the finest cartridge I’ve ever owned. For 61 Gr H1000 I push 140 Bergers 3080 FPS with 62 Gr Retumbo 3123 FPS. I push Berger 130 OTM Tactical Htlybrid 3350 FPS W 62 Gr Retumbo. It is an extremely efficient cartridge and very forgiving like my 6.5 C in the reloading process. I regularly shoot steel out to a mile and have shot many deer with it including two Coues Deer one at 780 yards and one at 1100 yards.

For comparison to achieve similar performance with my 6.5 WBY took 89 Gr powder and was an extremely finicky cartridge.

Brass readily available through GAP precision. Loaded Ammo Copper Creek.

My 2 cents.

6.5 PRC a great round also but doesn’t achieve same performance.


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Nov 30, 2010
Zolfo Springs, Florida
I was wondering if a 375 Ruger could be necked down since it has always intrigued me from case volume.
I necked it down to 7mm and it was successful. 160gr AB 3250fps. I used retumbo and h1000. I didnt have to anneal brass, but to go to 6.5, it might need it. You could probably cheat and do the 300prc down to 6.5.


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Feb 16, 2014
I use a 6,5x63 Messner Magnum. Case vol =84,5gr. Shoots 130gr Sciroccos @3307 fps with a decent margin under max pressure. In a 26"barrel I believe this is the maximum powder burning volume to stay within efficient limits.


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