I can honestly say there is'nt much in this world I'm afraid of.But I would rather face a charging Grizzly with a MatchKing in my chamber than feel the wrath of a RAMPAGING HOTSHOT.....Big Smile......
Butch.How did you make out today?I'm waiting on Dave King to let me know if he is going to make it up this weekend.He said he probably would not be able to make it on Friday.That's why I was gonna go with you.But now I won't have a baby sitter til noon and I have to be back by six.Jena's birthday party.So friday is pretty much out.I hope Dave will make it saturaday and sunday because I would sure hate to keep all of that money for myself.LoL!!!!!Any way I would like to thank you for letting me help out and be a part of it.If we shoot a coyote this weekend I'll get it on video...Later. Boyd...

It's getting worse here. Like I said, my project deadline was pushed up to next Friday (15 Feb. 2002). Today I had a 1 hour conference call that lasted nearly 3 hours and it spawned a two day meeting next Tuesday and Wednesday (12 and 13 Feb.) So far they've "liberated" 2 and 1/2 days out of my 8 day project deadline, a project was was not originally due for several months.

I'll still try for Saturday but it's getting worse. I may NEED to shoot a coyote to relieve some stress!

P.S. I was here till past 8:30 PM yesterday, 14 hour days... Life as a computer geek.....

[ 02-06-2002: Message edited by: Dave King ]

I'm outa here early today, it's just a tad past 6PM, 12+ hour stint...

I'll bet you thought the life of a Civil Servant was all Holiday and Paycheck!..

Back at work, 5:30 AM, I might just make it!

The paycheck dosen't change no matter the number of hours I put in.. overtime is not authorized by my commands' parent command.

Wow real busy show yesterday ( wed ) we were pretty swamped. I too met Darryl, super nice and knowledgeable don't begin to describe this guy.
I too was very impressed with the tomahawk. But.... but.... I saw the 338-416. HOLY SH@T batman..... now that is impressive. One of these days, I just might have one of those, awesome guns......
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