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May 14, 2001
Lock Haven P.A.
This is what a 30" Mule Deer looks like..

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I have seen some of his brothers and one time I saw his dad. Look forward to seeing you in Wy in Oct. Hope we are lucky enough to wreck their family tree. Are you pumped!?!
I can't wait to see your faces when that 30"er steps out... you guys bring lots of underwear... just ask hunt724.. it is one thing to see a big whitetail... it is another to see a Muley that you can put 2 whitetails in!!! And we have seen them.. many of them.. and we had many opportunities on way out there shots.. but until the last 2 years we wern't prepared.. but we are now!!

so who's READY !!!! Who's pumped...
Why you boys got that 30" mulie fenced in, I can see the fence in the picture!!! Thats not fair!

Next week when I get mine back from the taxidermist I'll show you what a 32" looks like when he's hangin' on the wall. We got big boys here in Colorado too!
SlyMule -
They are not fenced in as you well know, but I will have them boxed in ..... my freezer. Nice real Nice. Oh yeah and by the way GET PUMPED - Because there is no room for the timid quiet kind here !!! Can you hear it?- - - of course not it has a hole in it and it is down !!!
Hey twin brother-
What are we going to tip over first with a head shot??? I am anxious to shoot my new Sendero 300 RUM after I get it back from the gunsmith.
Wyo, what all can be hunted out there in late Aug to early Sep when a few of us plan to come for the family reunion?
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