.308 Powder Choice


Aug 16, 2009
I have a Remy 700 .308 with 20 inch barrel and am planning to start handloading. Looking for powder suggestions. I will begin with 165 and 180 gr SGKs.

Thanks in advance.
Everyone I talk to that used varget loves it; however, good luck finding some! I still can't find any and so I went with RL15 and have had good success with it. Let us know how it turns out!
IMR 4064 works great so does RL-15, Varget forget it can't find it since last year, but I tried RL-17 so far nothing conclusive, last test load with 47 gr of RL-17 produced 1.2" - .82" 5 shot groups, so I'm back to 4064 and RL-15, did tried once H4895 couldn't get those fliers to stop...
Varget has been good for me, but RE-15 has been better. I get a little higher velocity and a little better groups with 15. I have seen Varget for sale off and on in recent times so don't give up on it.
Thanks for the feedback, Everyone. I have a source for IMR 4064 and Varget. Will probabaly just buy both and see which my rifle likes best.

I'll try to get a report out after I get a chance to try 'em.

I bought a couple of pounds of Varget because it was the "go-to" powder for my new .308. While the Varget shot well, RE15 shoots better, at least with the 165-168gr bullets that I'm using.

RE15 is definitely easier to find.
I have heard that the military uses 4064 in their match grade sniper ammo....that is what I use.

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