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Mar 25, 2006
Want to pass along what the results are with my 280AI. After trying RL-22 and Retumbo, 160gAB and 168g bergers, win LRP and CCI BR primers, and setting seating depth from touching the lands .080 off the lands and every combo possible I found what worked best in my rifle.
168g berger
.010 off the lands
61.8g retumbo
cci bench rest primers
This load shoots 1 ½” 5 shot groups at 200 yards @ 2875’sec. consistently.
Howa 1500ss action
26” Pac Nor barrel
Bell and Carson metalist stock glass bedded.
Burris fulfieldII 4.5x14x42 scope with Burris signature rings with 15 MOA off set.

I hunt in Wyoming every year between 6500’ to 9500’elevation with average day time temp around 35 - 40 deg. If I plug all this into a ballistics calculator I have a velocity of 1983’sec and 1467 ft-lbs of energy at 800 yards. That should be a good deer thumper.

Unfortunately I caught the flu during this years hunt and spent 4 days in the hotel room. The day before the last day I finally went hunting. I had one buck tag and two doe tags and I wanted to salvage something out of the trip so I shot two doe’s out of the same group and I was done. I still was not feeling well enough to walk around looking for a buck.

One doe was 241 yards the other was 175. These are the first two animals I have shot with Berger bullets. Both dead right there, neither one took a step. I hit one in the shoulder and it did seem to destroy a lot of meat. I won’t do that again at least on deer. No pictures, was not in the picture taking mood.

Just thought I would pass along some information.
Thanks for sharing. I'm in load development with my 280 RCBS Improved (30 degree shoulder) right now. I'm using Retumbo, 168 Berger VLDs, and Federal GM210M. I have a 28" Brux barrel. It's looking pretty promising so far. I'm up to 63.5 gr Retumbo and about 2900 fps, however my bullets are seated way out there. The base of the boattail is about to the junction of the shoulder and neck on the cases. Still not reached a max load yet, but expect to the next time out. I'm jamming them into the lands about 0.010". I had three two-shot groups (I load two at the same powder charge for load testing/development) measure less than 1 1/8" last time out at 300 yds. That was my first outing with this rifle.
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