25-06 any one

Joe Blow

Mar 10, 2002
Any one here use 25-06 for long range P-Dog shooting?
I have a new barrel on mine and its giving me the fits.
Only thing thats shot worth beans is 75gr Vmaxes at 3679 fps .363 to .500 at 100yrds.

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Hi Boyd:
Its a Douglas Premium,1-10,27" No.5 contour
In a Parker Hale, Mauser action. gj
Have tried sie 100gr MKs and sie 87 gr game kings. All with aa 4350, h-870, h380, h-414.

For 1000yrd loads.

All seated close to lands.

100s = 3/4-1" best H-870

87s = 5/8-1" best H-870

75 Vmax .363 -.500 Best AA-4350

Will be trying 115 gr. Nosler blist tips tomorow. gj.

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I have a 1X9.5 twist and using a Jenson J-40 for shooting at paper and p-dogs, coyotes, etc. Used his J-36, 90 gr. on a 340 B&C bull elk this yr. One shot stop, but only 150 yd.s.
Hi joe. I'm a new member and I have shot a 25-06 Sako for years at deer,coyotes,antelope,gophers.I've even shot wild boar that are out here running loose. The shot has to be very good,standing within a hundred yds and a head shot only or we do not shoot the pigs.My best and most accurate is a Nosler 115grs bullet and 51.5grs of IMR4831 pwdr. I sight it in 2 inches high @100yds,and then make the adjustments for greater distances as everyone else does.I've shot this gun since 1964 so it feels good everytime I shoot it. Don't give up on your gun,it's a great shooter. RBnull
I shoot a 25/06 with a 27", 10 " twist, #7 contour Hart barrel with 108 gr VLD JLK bullets burning H4831 (long cut), with fed 210GM primers and Norma 270 Win brass. It shoots around 1/2" @ 100 yds and only shot it once @ 1000 yds, 5 shots in 7". Bullets just touch the lands.
Dan conzo: what is your velocity and do you find any diff between long and short cut?

Im not having much luck with the 115 nosler blist tips.

1/2" with Sie 100gr matches, but not a reliable 1/2".

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Velocity with above load and 54 gr H4831 is approximately 3160 fps. I haven't used H4831 SC yet. The drop with above load was 242" @ 1022 yds from a 200 yd zero. I also shot on the same day the 117 Sierra B.T. Spitzer which dropped 310" @ 1022 yds. This load was the same except with 52 gr H4831 seated just touching lands. This load didn't shoot that good @ 1022 yds but shoots real good @ 100 yds better than the 108 VLDs. I have the 115 Nosler Ballistic Tips but haven't shot them yet but their length is within .010" of the 117 Sierra B.T. Spitzer from base to orgive. I know some people getting good accuracy from 110 gr Fowler FB, but I haven't tried them.

Are you intending to use your .25-06 for 1000 yard competitions, P-D/Varmints at long range, or Big Game?

My #5 Hart barreled, Reminton 700 action, .25-06 shoots Nosler's 100gr. BT
best (.25"-.5" reliably) over H-4831. That load combination has taken more Whitetails Does on our ranch in the past 15 years doing culling/herd control than 10 typical hunters combined will kill in a lifetime). At distances of 40-450 yards, with the great majority being head and neck shots, the deer expire RIGHT NOW.

I've not shot my .25-06 at 1000 yards, but expect it'd do just fine in a Sporter Class. Those 100 gr. Nosler BT's are something to behold.
I have a Sako 25 AI 26"barrel and use IMR4831.I had to play with the seeting depth I'll have to check my notes for the depth but I was getting 1/2" groups at 300yds..Don't give up just get more bullets and powder
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