25-06 Any One???


Mar 14, 2004
Chatam County North Carolina
Just to start, may best friend is my Super Rock Chucker with a 26" Douglas Match barrel. I Recently had a 25/06 built on a Savage action with a Hart bbl.
I have no idea about a 25-06 or what should be a good starting point,or what to expect. I got a steal on the barrel and the labor so I took it.....you know how that goes...
Sounds like you've got two winners to me. I also shoot the .25-06, mostly for deer. I did some load development with the Sierra 75gr HP for varmints though. Had the chance to head up your way last year, but the groundhogs had stage fright. I loaded from 47.5-51.0 gr of IMR 4064 and CCI BR2's. Velocity averaged from 3322-3611 with 49.5gr (@3543fps) being the most accurate in my rifle (M700 Sendero SF).
I'm currently using 55.5gr of RL22, CCI BR2's behind the 100gr Barnes Triple Shock at just over 3200fps for my deer load. This is an accurate bullet and could penetrate forever and still retain most of its weight. This rifle (previous owner) has produced a 3/16" 3-shot group, once. I haven't tried this load but he swore by it. It is the 100gr Nolser Ballistic Tip ahead of 53gr of IMR4831 and CCI LR primers. Good luck and give me a shout, would love to come up and shoot with ya if possible. Johnny K.
This has been one of my favorites for the last several years. Shooting 75gr. V-Maxes, 50gr, of Varget avg. of 3721 with ext spread of 36 fps. The second 60gr of IMR 4831 I get 3957 with ext spread of 69 fps. Wonderful results on pd's and yotes. Going to try some 100gr Matchking's and some Nosler BT. Higher BC too try and reach way out there. Good Luck!
Thanks for the tips. By the way, I shoot BR 2's in every rifle that I have. Even in my benchrest guns. I switched to them about 3 years ago and have not looked back since. I will give some of those loads a try in a few minutes.
Thanks again
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