115 DTAC versus whitetail


Nov 19, 2012
I came across this forum trying to figure out if the 115 DTAC was suitable for taking whitetail deer at moderate range. There were a few vague responses - mostly positive for the DTAC. My wife has taken 2 deer this season with the DTAC. The first was a doe at 340 yards. The bullet entered the chest, fragmented, and did not exit the animal. The doe died on the spot. The chest cavity was liquified. None of the meat was damaged. Today she shot a small buck at 626 yards. The bullet entered just below and behind the front shoulder, passed through the heart, and left a fist sized exit wound. I have attached photos. Like many match/tactical bullets, the DTAC "explodes" at higher velocities upon entering the animal. According to my ballistics calculator, the DTAC was traveling just under 2000 fps at 626 yards. I wish I could have recovered the bullet but it appears to have mushroomed beautifully based on the wounds. Both deer were taken with a 243 with a 1 in 7.7 Bartlein barrel with a muzzle velocity of 2960.


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I guess I was searching "DTAC" where you wrote "d-tac". That must be how I missed your thread. Thanks for the link. How has your son done this year? Those were awesome shots when he was 9. I think they are great bullets for whitetail so far. The rifle is a GA Precision Templar action 24" Bartlein 1 in 7.7 throated for the 115 DTAC. It has a 1 pound Jewell trigger and a McMillan A3-5. It is wearing an AAC Cyclone suppressor (they just legalized them for hunting in OK!), a Super Sniper 5-20x50 HD FFP scope, and an Atlas bipod. I had it built for my wife as a gift and now she won't hardly give me a chance to shoot it! It shoots within 1/2 MOA in her hands. She is recoil sensitive and this thing has none.

Yea the dtacs kill stuff. I have only killed 4 or so whitetails and one antelope with them, nothing further than 600, but I was really impressed with them.
What's the load recipe and the MV on your 115 dtac? I'm thinking of rebuilding my Savage 243.
She is actually shooting factory loaded CorBon ammo. I found a smokin' deal on a couple hundred rounds and it's loaded in Lapua brass. The rifle really likes the load. I may try to replicate it. MV chrono'd at 2960. When I run out of these, I'll reload with George Gardner's recipe over on 6mmBR/accurate shooter (.243 Win + .243 AI Cartridge Guide). Gonna go with the boron nitride coated DTACS though.


Tell your son congrats! It's good to see him off to such a good start.


Will do Jason, I'm very proud of him. He is already way ahead of me, I didn't even start hunting tell I was 13 and I was in my mid 20's before I even thought about shooting past 2-300 yards. I'm extremely happy he enjoys shooting. He was wanting to shoot out to 500 but I knew he wasn't ready for that yet. He has practiced out to 300 and shot very well but we hadnt tried that far yet. I'm hoping to have him ready for 4-500 next year.

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