Wyoming 1590 yd. Prairie Dog


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May 24, 2010
Last year we started getting serious on the 1000 to 1000+ yd shots.
2011 got us a 1070 yd with Savage based 22-243 AI moving 75 and 80 gr. A-Max bullets. 1184 yd with Savage F/Class 6.5x284 and 130 JLK bullets.

This year we were going to try the mile shot but our optics aren't up to the task. We settled for a 1290 yd with 6.5x284 and 140 JLK bullets, a 1580 yd with a Savage based 260 and 123 gr A-Max, and my buddy got the 1590 yd with Savage F/Class 6.5x284 and 130 JLK bullets. The latter shot was with a 8-32x50 sightron scope on 16 power.
We use Bushnell fusion 1600 range finders along with a vintage military range finder good for 300 to 26,000 yds. We set flags out from 1000 to 1700 yds in different colors for different yardages. I was shooting the 260 and had to sight in on the 1600 yd flag before shooting PD. We are using Bushnell 4200 scopes, Millet LRS, and Sightron scopes. Nightforce is still my dream scope right now.
We get out early in morning and set up and then wait, normally we set our flags the day before. With wind meters at the benches and watch the flags for wind near targets. A normal morning before the wind picks up gets us five to twenty shots each before stopping and moving to other areas for closer shootiing.

Our lightest rifle is 15 lbs and they go up to 29.5 lbs. My rifles have 2 or 3 Smith and Wession recoil reducers in each stock, at 15 ounces each they add extra weight quick and help recoil for picture perfect impacts.
The picture below is my buddy who has been shooting Varmints for just 2 years. I have been shooting long range for over 16 years. Is he Lucky? gun)


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