1035 yd Shooting


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May 11, 2010
This saturday I set up a 3'X3'steel plate @1035 yds. I used a GPS based iPhone app for the initial setup of the target which read 1033yds, and then used my Leica 1600-b to confirm the range from my firing position which read 1035 yds. It was a little foggy so I wasn't sure if I was going to be able to shoot at it. Also, I couln't find anyone that could go with me so I had no spotter. I was hoping I had some luck spottng my own shots so I gave it a try. I set up on my pick-up truck bed and fired 5 shots at the target but no luck catching the vapor trail or anything that could tell where the shots went. I was almost sure I was hitting dead center since I saw a dark mark there. Went to the target to confirm and to my surprise none of the shots hit the target. Payed a little attention to the surroundings and found the shots about 4' in front of the target. Went back to my firing position and dialed 1 more Mil on the elevation turret and BAM!!! Hit top right corner. Fired 4 shots total and all 4 were hits. I was really excited since my previous longest shot was made @ 874 yds and with help of a spotter.
The group ended up located .1 mil over the mark on the target and .2 mils to de right so I believe for a solo shootout it's kind of nice. A spotter is really helpful, specially calling the wind which in this case I had to do it myself.
Turns out the MV I entered in my ballistic calculator was a little high. My crony read 3056 fps average but the trajectory confirmed a 2920 fps given the atmospheric conditions.

The gun:
Custom Remington 700 Titanium
7mm rem mag
26.5" Shilen select match barrel
Jewel trigger
Manners T4 Stock
Vortex Razor HD 5-20X50

The Ammo:
Hand loaded Nosler Brass
Berger VLD Hunting 180gr
CCI 250 Primers
68.5Gr H1000


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