Wolves in Idaho

I asked that question based upon what these men have said.
Carter expresses disdain for pro's,con's and politicians.He also identifies himself as a hunter,trapper, and conservationist. Yet, as a biologist with the U.S.FWS, is this a conflict of interest?

[ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-eDG9w-JqTE"]C of I Lectures: Wolf expert Carter Niemeyer - YouTube[/ame]

Doug in the audio file expresses two lines of thought that concern me.
First: Spending some $60 million? They re-introduce some sub-wolf-type/predator into YNP and then they allow this investment to die by disease,over-saturation, and reduced habitat?
Which leads to my second concern, he expresses affirmation of elk herd reduction from what, some 20,000 down to some 4,000. This he stated in one of the videos I have seen.
I do not know the population numbers, but I am aware Moose have severely been affected, as have antelope, and of course yotes
I have went to his lectures before and he seems to tell both sides of the story. He is no longer a biologist. He has some interesting stuff to say that opened my eyes. His lectures do attract the extreme pro wolf people.
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