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May 17, 2009
I tried to do a search so I wouldn't have to bother yall but no luck. I just traded a tika t3 270 for a pre 64 win mod 70 243. It has been lapped and steel bedded. His load is 40.5 grs of 4350 under the 95 gr nosler bal tip. It shoots almost one hole groups at 100 yds. I have not had the chance yet but plan in the next couple of weeks to shoot it at 150, 200, 300 and 400yds to see how much it drops.. Any comment on this rifle being a 400yd deer killer or not? Thank you in advance
I shoot a similiar load in my 243 win, same bullet and powder. I consider mine a 400 yard deer gun, with good conditions. If you can place the bullet at 400 it will have enough velocity to make it work.

Shoot it over a chrony and run the numbers, you'll be fine.
You are going to end up with around 960 ft-lb of bullet energy. and inpact 26" low (6.25 moa ) with a 100yrd zero..
My wifes 243 is a very capable rifle at 400 yards for deer, provided the shooter does his/her job. Her deer load is currently imr4831 powder pushing a 85gr barnes tsx. very good accuracy. this is the absolut max I allow her to shoot at deer sized animals. Coyotes etc get the dose out to as far as she is willing to go. longest yote was over 700yards.
I didn't get to try it out yet this year in killing anything. I load 37.5 grains of IMR4064 with 95grn SST's. It's a pretty hot load, so work up to it. Bug whole groups at 100yrds and 1.5" at 200yrds.

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