22-243 Win


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Dec 3, 2002
Bridgeville, PA
Anyone hunting hogs or dogs with a 22-243 Win?
If so what bullets are you using?

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Looks like whatever your using is working!!!! Just curious, is that a flat metal base on the bottom of your stock that your pod is attached to? I have been looking for a clever mounting method for the bottom of mine. Nice pic of a sweet gun by the way.
I was shooting 80gr. JLKs behind them RL 25 The barrel is 1-8" Krieger finished at 29.5" Rem 700 action trued by Bruno Jewell 2oz trigger McMillan hunter Br stock and topped with Leopold 8.5x25x50
Yes that was a head shot at 229 yards..
The longest kill that i made with that gun was 866 yards.
JLK 80 do nice work on hogs..

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Nice setup!!Just curious what velosity your getting out of it & if you have tryed 75Amaxes?
I shoot an 8 twist 27"Shilen barreled 22-250 & Amaxes @ prairie dogs every chance I get.Man what an improvment over the 55grainer in the wind @ 500yards.Lifts them up,messes them up,dropes them dead=CJ

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It a 243 Win. necked down to 22 cal.

The body of the 22-243 Middlestead dimensions remain the same as the 22-243 Winchester, but the shoulder angle is increased to 30 degrees, thus resulting in a longer neck (0.300 inch vs. 0.241 inch). The standard .243 Win has a sholder angle of 20 degrees.

Velocity: 3510fps with JLK 80 45 gr.RL 25

75gr. A-maxes I have not tried as of yet.I plan on trying them.

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I have shot a number of groundhogs with my 40X in 22-243AI. 28" Hart bbl. w/ 8 twist.
Hornady 75gr A-MAX bullets with a stiff charge of RE22 shoot extremely well and have a muzzle velocity of 3,668 ft/sec.
The 80gr JLK's would not shoot as well in my rifle. The Hornady's have a lower BC (.435)than the JLK's but can be shot at a higher velocity. They hit hard over long distances.
Hornady rates this bullet for a max velocity of 2,800 ft/sec but if you call them they will tell you that it will usually hold together to about 3,300 ft/sec.
I moly coat & wax the A-MAX's before loading them with a .007" crush fit. This probably is why these bullets have held together for me at much higher speeds than they are built for.

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