I shoot the 22-243 Winchester. Mine shoots 48gr Rel25, Fed210, 75gr Amax at 2.750. I don't know what velocity it's getting as I haven't chronoed it. I have a new 22-243 that I will be trying Retumbo in.
Which action did you use? Been wanting to get one built for awhile now, it is just time to get serious and do it. I imagine you have 1-8 twist?
One built off Remington 700 SA 6mm and one off Rem. SA 22-250. One has a 1:8 Shilen Select match, one has a Kreiger 1:8. I have not shot the Kreiger yet and I just sold the Shilen. Brass forming is simple. Put a 243 case through the sizer and thats it. No fire forming.

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