Who has the best shooting rest for LR hunting


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Apr 7, 2009
Being in the prone position with your rifle resting on a pack is really steady for long range hunting BUT. What if the terrain or taller grass prevent shooting from a prone position. There are bipods, monopods, tripods etc.. I've tried a lot of them. I'm looking for something under 4 lbs that will give me a rock sold rest. We all know if your crosshairs are still moving you are edging on luck for your shot. I don't like luck. I want the crosshairs to STOP. Help me out..
This, IMO, is a very subjective subject. You will need to try different things to see what fits you best. Just because I like one type of rest does not mean it will fit you and your shooting needs. I recently purchase a bog pod death grip. Heavy as hell but man is it steady to shoot off of. Great for flatlander hunting but you wouldn't want to carry it in the hills. For shooting in the prone position its hared to beat a good bi-pod. There are several good ones on the market that can get you from 6-7" to two to three feet off the deck. I am very fortunate in that I have a lot of friends that shoot so when I want to buy something new someone in the group probably already has it and I can try it out first to see if it will work for me. Good Luck with your search...
After a lot of different options we have tried, this is the best one we have come up with.

ARCA rail on the bottom, mounted to your tripod for your spotter. Can go from 4" up to off hand up hill, and is very steady. Throw a pack or cross sticks under the rear in sitting position, and 700+ yard shots are about as easy as prone on a bipod.
CodyAdams has the right idea. It all depends on your budget. Hard to beat an RRS tripod and an arca rail underneath. You'd be shocked how stable this can be. If that doesn't fit in your budget, then look into a less expensive tripod like a Leofoto. I prefer to lock the rifle in with an arca rail but I don't keep rails on all my rifles, so I use a hogsaddle for rifles without. On backcountry hunts, I shoot off my regular glassing tripod, either in the arca clamp or off the top of my binos.
I second the Swagger Bipod, have one on my go to rifle and its really solid and you can be kneeling, sitting, prone or you can pull the legs back towards your hips and have a solid standing platform. a tripod would be my next option I think.
I’ve been playing with a Predator Tactics Bullseye system. 17.5” to 70” height, 26 lb gun load rating. It was a little wobbly at first until I started tightening down the adjustments. Then it got pretty stable. My first experience with a tripod system. I like the idea of folding sticks on hand for the rear.
I'm using a Really Right Stuff Series 2 Tripod with Anvil-30 Ballhead. For my rifles that don't have a mounted plate, I use a HOG saddle. As long as the rifle isn't set on the ballhead in a very eccentric position, the set up seems to closely approximate the steadiness of being prone for me. It is much faster to adjust my point of aim than prone and is nice for the setting and spotting type hunting I do locally. The tripod/ballhead weight isn't bad at probably 5 lbs +/- a few ounces. I consider it one of my better hunting accessory purchases - something that rivals and complements a good Swaro spotting scope in my opinion. The bad news is the cost is high. I figure I spend/ spent lots of money on custom rifles and great scopes so the extra cost to allow me to use them effectively in the field is worth it.
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