shooting sticks

  1. gsp2west

    Who has the best shooting rest for LR hunting

    Being in the prone position with your rifle resting on a pack is really steady for long range hunting BUT. What if the terrain or taller grass prevent shooting from a prone position. There are bipods, monopods, tripods etc.. I've tried a lot of them. I'm looking for something under 4 lbs that...
  2. Morse Industries

    338LM Gets a FULL MAKEOVER!

    The Morse Industries Team 338LM gets a full custom cerakote job and some new bits! savage 112 magnum target, ken farrel rings & 30moa base, vortex viper pst ffp, BA bolt handle, harris bipod & Morse Industry Universal Bipod Spikes! What do you guys think? gun) Add a set of our spikes...
  3. R

    3 day Shooting Stick Sale

    Hey Guys, We are offering our shooting sticks at a crazy discount this weekend only today, saturday and sunday. All you have to do is visit Rudolph Optics | Riflescopes, Shooting Sticks Binoculars, Rangefinders, & Accessories and they are listed on sale, we are also going to pay shipping on...