1. Recoil Junkie

    Parts Cleanout 2.0

    Cleaning up the gun room, prices are shipped. Ulfhednar shooting tripod Part # UHRT85CWBH - SOLD Magpul MOE rifle handguard 12" FDE M-LOK, installed once never used its in perfect condition - $25 Hogue AR-15 mid-length handguard OD green with 3" extender to make it rifle length - $40 Unknown...
  2. Trevorj

    SOLD/EXPIRED Slik Spring Pro II Tripod

    Slik Sprint Pro II Tripod with Leupold binocular adaptor tray. Selling because I just don't use them at all anymore (I have only used it twice). Comes in original carrying case, asking $75. (Sorry for the typo in the title I can't change it now)
  3. S

    Outdoorsman Tripod with ANVIL-30 head - good combo?

    I definitely want the ANVIL-30 ball head for glassing and shooting. I’m specifically asking if anyone has used this with the Outdoorsman tripod and if they would recommend the combo or have any reservations about it? Is there anything about the Outdoorsman, deployability or whatnot, that would...
  4. jebel

    Manfrotto 190go! Carbon Fiber Tripod + XPRO Panning Head

    This is the Manfrotto 190go! MS Carbon 4-Section Tripod (MT190GOC4US). Selling tripod for $230 plus $25 shipping. It is shown with the Manfrotto XPRO 2-way panning head (MHXPRO-2W) which I am...
  5. P

    SOLD/EXPIRED Kestrel 5700 Elite Weather Meter w/Appl'd Ballistics, LiNK, & Extras

    Selling a gently used Kestrel 5700 Elite Weather Meter w/Appl'd Ballistics, LiNK, and Extras for a friend. About a year old. Only used a handful of times. Works perfectly! Includes all original packaging and paperwork, Kestrel 5700 Elite 0857ALBLK (black), Portable Kestrel Weather Vane with...
  6. Morndorff95

    Allen Axial 3 in 1 Tripod

    Brand new Allen Axial 3 in 1 Tripod/Bipod/Monopod. Located in Colorado Springs, CO $40
  7. livetohunt

    SRS full length Arca for hunting rifles

    I did a redesign on one of our arca rails to make it as thin and light as possible, and stretched the length to match the average fore end of most hunting stocks. We now have the only full length Arca rail on the market that will match up well with a hunting stock. Key features -11” OAL...
  8. Eric_F

    SOLD/EXPIRED Vortex Summit SS-P tripod

    I've got a Vortex Summit SS-P tripod in great condition. Only light range use, holds my spotting scope and LabRadar very well. Reallynice and lightweight but I've upgraded to a heavier tripod that can also hold my rifle. Asking $80 shipped. Comes with two adapters.
  9. J

    Huskemaw shooting tripod

    Used but in very good condition. Very handy and fits a unique niche. Great for carry in your pack. I do not have the V bracket for it just the leather front rest. $100 shipped Call text or email 801-710-5653
  10. gsp2west

    Who has the best shooting rest for LR hunting

    Being in the prone position with your rifle resting on a pack is really steady for long range hunting BUT. What if the terrain or taller grass prevent shooting from a prone position. There are bipods, monopods, tripods etc.. I've tried a lot of them. I'm looking for something under 4 lbs that...
  11. ophious

    ░▒▓WTS Vortex Pro GT Tripod W/ Vortex bino adapter $125▓▒░

  12. Mc Fraser

    Leica Trinovid 10x42 HD tripod adapter

    Hello, Does anyone have experience with tripod adapters for Trinovid's? Does it even come rigged for tripods? I only know of the outdoorsmen stud but I can't seem to find a good video how it mounts and the bulky plate and strap one from BHP video. Any info will be greatly appreciated
  13. 3

    Swarovski Habicht AT 80

    quality Swarovski spotter and Vanguard Tripod, neoprene cover with lense covers Has a couple scuffs from normal backpacking and use but lenses are scratch free and perfect $1000 for all included shipping and insurance anywhere
  14. Tragik

    Fluid head instead of ball head for tripods

    Hi all, I've seen some great threads on here regarding tripods. I'm going to try a tripod setup, both for shooting at the range and backpacking hunting (where I will use it for both glassing and shooting). I'm running the MPA BA Chassis which will be great for a more direct connection to the...
  15. C

    Outdoorsmans pan head

    Looking to buy an outdoorsmans tripod with or without head. Would buy just pan head if someone has one to sell. Thanks.
  16. brinker19

    Lightweight 3-section tripod

    I have a ProMaster 525 with twist locks. While I like how small it is in the pack, it takes a while to get set up. My buddy had a 3-section tripod with flip locks (Manfrotto 290 I believe). It didn't compact as well, but he could set it up easier an much quicker. I've been looking around for...
  17. C

    Outdoorsmans tripod

    Want to buy outdoorsmans tripod.