Whitetail @ 973 yards

Shawn Carlock

Jun 11, 2007
North Idaho
Here is a nice whitetail that Walker Reggear shot at 973 yards with a 300 RUM I built him. You may remember Walker from Send It Vol 1 where he shot a nice buck at just over 500 yards. Walker is an accomplished long range shooter and it shows here. By the way don't feel bad but he is only 13.

Congratulations Walker, great shooting and awesome buck!

Len, we need to have him as a friend! :)
Great looking buck, nice set of rack he has!!! And an awesome shot!!!gun)
Shawn congratulations, you must feel good knowing your lessons are used properly.
This is an inspiring thread.
That's Awesome. I'll admit that the segment with Walker in Send It Vol. 1 was one of my favorite parts.

Shawn, can you post the specs of the rifle, scope and load Walker was using?

Thanks for sharing this story.
JB 99,

It is a Rem 700, Hart 30" barrel .950" at muzzle, 308", 1-10 twist, DE 1.00" brake, single shot mods, Jewell trigger 1.5 lbs, HS Precision stock with DE cheekpiece, DE recoil lug, NF 40 moa base, NF UL rings, DE ACI/ACD mount, NF NXS 5.5-22 NPR1 ZS, Harris "s" w loc, 220 gr SMK's w H50BMG and CCI250's. That about rounds it out.
At some point in his LR career, Shawn needs to write up Walker as a feature article subject.

Encouragement and motivation for the old guys (over 13 yrs).
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