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  • Mike,
    It's my Remington 700 action. PTG fluted bolt, Rock Creek medium palma fluted barrel. Manners T2 stock, fully bedded. and EGW 1 piece base. Topped it with a Vortex Viper PST and threw a shilen trigger in, tuned to 1.5LBS........hope this helps!
    Hello Nimrod, can you please give some detals of the rifle with green stock that was ready for shipping some time ago, its looks like a stiller ation ? You name it Thor. Cheers and hope for answer, Mike
    Pat(if I can call you that!!!) Thanks for the friend request. There is another forum called tikkashooters.com. Jason is a member here and he started it. I've a VERY good hunch that you could probably sell all of these 695 accessories you wanted to over there too! 100 sounds great to me! I know if you could make them close to 75-80 they would fly off the shelves. We will see how they turn out, but just whichever one will be cheap and sturdy would be great!!! And as far as the 595, I'd love one, but I'm kinda on gun buy ban right now. LOL. Look forward to talking to you soon. Thanks again!
    nimrod im a tikka man to, 695 280 blued geting receiver hard chromed and doing 30-06 akley,stainless barrel inletting B&C a2 stock have grand slam 4.5-14.bye the way there is a 595 223 continental heavy barrel for 575. on gunsamerica.
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