What things should I add to the LRH Gear Shop?

Len Backus

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May 2, 2001
I am adding quite a few items. My emphasis is on things that we all use...or should use. Many of them will be specialty items. Many will be items I use myself.

Some will be the same things that you can get at Cabelas or Midway and Brownells but I hope to have many that are not that mainstream in their availability and thus I'll be offering more of a service to the membership.

Many times I will offer 2 distinctly different price points for the same basic item, giving guys a choice. Two existing examples are the bipods...both Caldwell, which I use and Harris, which I use. Another is in windmeters where I offer both the Caldwell and the Kestrel.

I am looking for medium to high-end portable shooting benches, flashlights, knives. I am already committed to adding SniperTools ACI, Shawn's ACI mounts, several more of Darrell Holland's items, Centershot's Muscle Brake, and a few I can't think of right now.

I also want to find "break out" items...new things that are just hitting the market...for LRH'ers as they first come on the market. Especially from small new manufacturers. I'll be attending the SHOT Show again this year looking for new goodies.

So...what else?
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Knives: Ka-Bar or SOG and Dozier
Flashlights: Dorcy, Surefire, and Streamlight

How bout Stoney Point shooting sticks?
ammo wallets- www.sotconsulting.com I have a couple and they are great

rear soft bags- want to say "redman" at snipers hide makes them http://www.snipershide.com/forum/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=1365557&page=1

rings and 20-40 MOA bases


bottom metal sets- badger and seekins

AR 500 targets and frames ( guy or two on snipers hide make them)

high BC LR hunting bullets commonly used

high demand brass (RUM, 338 Lapua, etc)

Long gun cases for barrels over 30 inches http://www.prone2success.com/prone2success.pdf and hafner worldwide make some good ones

stocks- Manners, McM, Russo, HS Prec for common inlets

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I think you should just take me with you to the shot show and I'll help you pick stuff out :)
I do think steel targets would be cool!
A good, light, steady, packable tripod for a reasonable price. I know it doesn't exist but I hate to shuck out $200 for a Silk.
KMW Pod Loc

+1 on the Pod Loc, sending one with or on every bipod would be something no one else does.

I would like to see a range book specifically for the LRH, the sniper ones aren't quite right and the BR ones aren't right. It needs to come with a CD of targets that the book uses so we can print of a target and still have an exact reference in our range book.

Some of the little cases that hold a PPC would be good, a lot of us use some form of software.

The Tacops stock pack is premium gear and very few vendors.

A LRH gun case similar to a drag bag but not so tactical.

Low monthly payments with no interest :D:D:D

I better stop, this is like writing a letter to Santa.
Len, great to know the LRH gear shop is growing!!!
A good water proof jacket with the LRH logo, camo or not, well made, everybody needs one.
Scopes specifically useful for LRH, not all the options of every brand, just the ones that fits the best for us.
MOBALL or the best PDA´s for ballistic programs for the field.
Long range shooting paper targets and steel targets.
Stock packs.

Hope this helps, thanks for this website, really enjoy it:):):)
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