PayPal as a payment choice for the LRH Gear Shop

Len Backus

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May 2, 2001
PayPal is the only payment choice so far on the LRH GearShop. As of now you can use credit cards on the PayPal checkout page even if you don't have a PayPal account.

I am planning to offer just plain old credit cards as a payment source soon. So, when I have completed the process of adding credit card processing (without PayPal involvement) should I keep PayPal as a payment choice or just eliminate it.?
Just my .0002, I think keeping the option would be a good idea. My wife works for a credit card company and my son works for Pay Pal....I've heard some stories...protect yourself anyway you can.
hi Len,

before you start implementing the visa/mc payment, please go and talk with a bank counsellor authorized on mc/visa online payment, at any branch.
you will be surprised, how easely the bank release a transaction, just if the isa or mc number are match, and all the other info csv, name, address, etc are fake.
this is YOUR/OR THIRD PARTY COMPANY DUTTY TO MAKE SURE ARE REAL, and no stollen cards are used, or stollen id.
i'm a web designer and i did a few online websites, and NEVER COLLECT VISA OR PERSONAL SENSITIVE INFO in your server.
use verisign, or other acreditate third party online card company to store the info, just to avoid the lawsuit.
you have to setup all the extra filters when one transaction are accepted.
remember- bsnk release the money if hust the visa or mc numbers are right, and you have to add extra settings to your shopping cart - name, billing address and shippment address to be the same, csv, phone number, postal code...
this is the reason, why paypal is so popular and trusted...
they take care of all the extra secuity measurements.

please don't get me wrong... we have great people on this site, but you have to protect yourself from identity and card theaft.
I bought some reloading supplies on gun broker and used pay pal they would not let the payment go through.was told they don`t like doing business with firearms or there accessaries.gun)
According to Paypal though...not suppose to use it for firearm related items.

Gave up my paypal account long ago after being ripped off for $800+. Prior to Fleabay buying them, they were a standup company. Now, just another revenue generator for Fleabay with little protection for buyer or seller when it comes right down to it.

Thought about GUNPAL?
PayPal is also owned by or was owned by E-Bay that is ANTI-GUN and there are alot of scams out there using paypal acounts. I had one years ago and had several items charged to my account that I did not purchuse they made it right after about six months of arguing. thats a hassel that now one needs.


That`s all,Robster :rolleyes:
If there isn't a telephone number I can call with a person on the other end to take my info then I don't buy and move on. Never had a problem and always got exactly what I ordered.
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